additional needs (or disability assistance,  not ‘special needs’)
aircraft (not aeroplane, airplane or plane)
All Inclusive (be used with uppercase initial letters in all instances)
am (ie. 10am)
and (the ampersand ‘&’ is to be avoided where possible)
app (to be shown as British Airways mobile app or mobile app)
Arrivals and departures (rather than ‘flight status’)
Authoriser (for On Business)
Avios (this can be the currency or the company)
Avios & Money
Avios points (can be used if there is a need to explain the currency)

BA – please only use ‘British Airways’ unless an approved sub-brand ie. (except flight numbers: BA123)
BA eStore has been replaced by Gate 365 (to be used in context ie. Shop online with Gate 365)
Bag Drop
baggage (not luggage) (see also checked and hand)
boarding pass (not card)
Blue membership (or tier of the Executive Club)
Bronze membership (or tier of the Executive Club)
business class (lower case when referring to the type of travel class)

CO2 (only to be used if it has been first explained e.g. We are working to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.
12 channel
cabin crew
car rental (not car hire)
cell phone – should appear as ‘mobile/cell phone’
Champagne (always to appear with a capital ‘C’)
checked baggage (not hold)
check in (verb)
- starting a sentence: Check in before you go through airport security.
- at the end of a sentence: Before you are allowed through security, you must check in.
check-in (noun)
- you must go to a check-in desk.
- online check-in
check-in kiosk (not self-service kiosk or machine)
collect (not ‘earn’ for Avios and On Business)
credit/debit card
Customer Services

disability assistance (or additional needs,  not ‘special needs’)
drop-off (ie leave your car at the car hire drop-off point)
drop off (ie. drop off your car at the airport)

e.g. (Means “for example”)
e-ticket (including at the start of a sentence)
each-way  ie. £39 each-way
eCommerce (including at the start of a sentence)
economy (lower case when referring to the type of travel class)
email (Email at start of sentence or if used on forms)
Executive Club is normally preceded with “British Airways” unless on an Executive Club page:
- Executive Club or The Club
- Executive Club card
- Executive Club member
- Executive Club Service Centre
Explorer Map (treat as a proper name)
extra bags (not excess bags)

Fast Track Security
Fare – refers to total price not including taxes, fees, surcharges etc
First  or British Airway First (not FIRST or First Class)
first class (lower case when referring to the type of travel class)
Frequent Flyer card (if not an Executive Club card, but another airline’s programme i.e. AAdvantage)
Frequently asked questions (not FAQs)

Gold membership (or tier of the Executive Club)
Gold Upgrade for Two
Ground staff

hand baggage (not cabin)
hand baggage only (fares) – don’t capitalise as not a sub-brand.
High Life (‘high life’ only to be used on the cover of the magazine)
High Life magazine
High Life Shop
home (can only be used to refer to the home page)
home page
Household Account

i.e. (Means “that is to say”. Follow with a comma.)
in-flight (noun: as in ‘in-flight magazine’)
in flight (verb: ‘while in flight, enjoy a drink’)

Journey – may be used to describe a consecutive series of flights within a booking.

kiosk (or check-in kiosk, not machine)

last minute: when used as a noun e.g. ‘At the last minute’
last-minute: when used as an adjective e.g. ‘a last-minute holiday’
log in (when used as a verb: eg, log in today)
log out
login (when used as an adjective: eg, login help)
login ID
long haul (not ‘longhaul’ or ‘long-haul’)

magazine pocket (not seat back pocket)
Manage My Booking (except in the lefthand menu)
Muslim (not Moslem)
mobile/cell phone
Member (for Executive Club – upper case first letter in all instances)
membership (always lowercase ‘m’ unless at the start of a sentence)

NB (means “please note”)
night time (no hyphen)
non-flight (for products other than flights, to be used with hotel, car etc icons)

on board (noun: ‘when she got on board’)
on-board (adjective: ‘on-board service’)
On Business
On Business points ( ‘points’ is always lowercase)
oneworld (it’s not necessary to use the registered trade mark online, just make ‘one’ bold in all instances)
one-way e.g. ‘a one-way flight’
one way e.g. there’s one way to tell if you’re on a one-way flight
online boarding pass
online check-in
operating airline (not carrier)

passenger (when a ‘customer’ is flying)
password (not PIN)
pick-up (ie. at the car hire pick-up point)
pick up (when you pick up the car at the car hire depot)
pm (ie. 8pm)
pre-assigned seating
pre-book (-ed) (-able)
pre-flight (dining)
premium economy (lower case when referring to the type of travel class)
price – refers to total cost of fare+taxes+fees+surcharges etc
Programme Administrator (for On Business)
promotion code (not promotional code)

redeem is not to be used – instead use ‘spend’
reserved seat
return (not ’round trip’)
reward flights (not ‘free flights’)

seat back pocket not to be used, instead use magazine pocket
seat back videos
seat map (not seat plan)
security point at departure
self-service kiosk not to be used, use check-in kiosk
short haul (not ‘shorthaul’ or ‘short-haul’)
Silver membership (or tier of the Executive Club)
special needs is not to be used, please use ‘additional needs’ or ‘disability assistance’
spend (not redeem)

take-off (noun and adjective, eg ‘after take-off’)
take off (verb: ‘the plane will take off’)
taxi driver
tax free
Terminal 5 etc. (note upper case T)
Terms and Conditions
tick the box (not check the box)
Tier Points
tier status
travellers cheques
travel agent
travel class (not ‘class’, ‘class of travel’ or ‘flight class’)
travel money (not a brand)
Turndown Service

United Kingdom Check-in (not UK)
UK (no full stops)
USA or US (no full stops)
US citizen

value for money
Your questions

web page (not webpage)
wellbeing (not a brand)
Worldwide (not hyphenated)

Note: Where necessary, BA internal applications may define their own specialist extensions to these definitions.