Last updated 12 October 2017

We support browsers and systems that our customers use.

Desktop web

Mobile web

Fully supported Fully supported
MSIE 11 and above on PC (not Mac) and Edge iPhone 4s and above – iOS 8+ Safari
Safari 9 and above on Mac Android phones <7” – Android 4.4+
Android browser, Chrome
Firefox 52, 54, 55 and later
Google Chrome 49, 50, 51, 60, 61 and later Partially supported
Safari on iPad
Partially supported
 Chrome + stock browser on Android tablets
Safari 8  

‘Fully supported’ means that all functionality must work, and be compliant in design and layout.

‘Partially supported’ means that all functionality must work, and there can be compromises with the approved design, but no so much that usability is significantly impacted. Where there is a question about what is ‘significant’, this will be a conversation with the UX team.


When deciding on which specific devices should be used for testing, consideration should be given to ensuring that a representative range of screen sizes, form factors etc is covered. This is likely to result in specific supported devices not being used for testing. If it subsequently turns out that there is a problem with a non-tested but supported device, the problems would need to be fixed, and the device incorporated into future testing.

The following devices are the currently approved list as for testing, based on an assumption that they give sufficiently broad coverage.

  • Samsung Galaxy S4 (or similar)
  • iPhone 4 or 4s + 5 or 5c or 5s + 6 or 6 plus
  • Recent Windows phone