Microsites are only permitted where business objectives cannot be met with a standard development on ba.com. Within this context, a microsite may be:
  • one or more non-standard pages on an external server
  • one or more non-standard pages on ba.com

Where a microsite is used, the following issues must be accounted for:

  • look and feel should not be confusing to customers who are used to ba.com (and should not attempt to copy the look and feel of ba.com)
  • the site must work technically on all supported browsers, and be legally compliant with accessibility laws
  • high levels of usability must be ensured
  • paths to and from ba.com must be clear
  • there should be no confusion for customers as to where they are, or how to return to where they are
  • if externally hosted, the domain name should be a sub-domain of ba.com (e.g. cricket.ba.com) rather than a separate domain. Exceptions are to be managed operationally
  • if externally hosted, then appropriate performance and service levels must be guaranteed