Where files are offered for download, the following information must be provided adjacent to the download link:

  • If appropriate (e.g. for more rarely used formats) a link to online resources to download the appropriate player/viewer software
  • The format of the file
  • The size of the file. File sizes should be shown as “xx kb” (if less than one mb) or “xx mb”
  • Files must have names that are meaningful to the customer

Whilst the need for some plugins and helper apps will be recognised by the browser, and an automatic download offered to the customer, this should not be universally relied on. Where a plugin or helper app is used there should be a link to the supplier’s nominated download point if there is one, or to the homepage if there isn’t. The link should be obvious and close to the point where the relevant content is placed.

When a Site Help page is implemented, with information about and links to plugins, the customer should instead be referred to this page, with an html anchor tag to take them to the appropriate point on the page.

All files offered for download must be virus checked in advance.