Where a destination is named, the city name at least should be used (e.g. London). Where it is necessary to distinguish the airport, the full name of the airport should be used (e.g. London Heathrow), but if there is insufficient space, the code can be used (e.g. London LHR).

Use English forms when they are in common use: Basle, Cologne, Lyon, Marseille. With airport or destination names please cross-check against the current British Airways timetable.

Follow local practice where a country expressly changes its name, or the names of towns, rivers etc within it. Almaty not Alma Ata; Chennai not Madras; Mumbai not Bombay.

Use initial capitals for definite geographical places, regions, areas and countries (The Hague, Germany) and for vague but recognised political or geographical areas: the Middle East, South Atlantic, East Asia (which is to be preferred to the Far East), the West, the Gulf, North Atlantic, South-East Asia, the Midlands, Central America, the West Country, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Central Europe.

Use lower case for east, west, north, south except when part of a name (North Korea, South Africa, West End) or when part of a thinking group: the South (in the United States), the Highlands (of Scotland). But use lower case if you are, say, comparing regions of the United States, some of which are merely geographical areas: “House prices in the north-east and the south are rising faster than those in the mid-west.”

Use West Germany (Berlin) and East Germany (Berlin) only in historical references. They are now western Germany (western Berlin) and eastern Germany (eastern Berlin).

If in doubt, use lower case (the sunbelt).

Use lower case for province, river, state, city when not strictly part of the name: the Limpopo river, Washington state, Cabanas province, (but the River Thames, Mississippi River, Kansas City).

Whether a region is called state, county, province etc should follow local usage.

Complete place names sometimes include a common noun, which must be capitalised when it appears with the proper name: Lake Garda, Straits of Gibraltar, the Bridge of Sighs. If you are referring to several such places, the common noun is lowercased e.g.lakes of Como, Garda and Maggiore.

You will need to be sure which parts of your place name should not be capitalised. Examples include Rio de Janeiro, Dar es Salaam, Cala d’Or. (If you are in any doubt, check in an atlas or the British Airways timetable.)