There shall be no broken links on the site. This implies either having a redirect in place for removed pages, or amending internal links that point to the removed pages.
There will be a user-friendly ’404 page not found’ page. For cases where customers have bookmarked removed pages, or where there are links from external sites, and there is no redirect in place, there should be a user-friendly apology page with links to appropriate areas (selling, index, homepage), which redirects after 10 seconds to the homepage.
Page-level redirects are to be used in preference to server-level redirects.
Server-level redirects will only be implemented where page-level redirects are not appropriate or cannot be implemented in a timely fashion.
There will be no chaining. Where page 1 redirects to page 2, and page 2 subsequently redirects to page 3, then page 1 will either be removed, or will be amended to point directly to page 3, as appropriate.
Non-permanent redirects should not normally be in place for more than 3 month.
Old pages covered by a redirect must be removed before the redirect is removed, in order to stop people retrieving out-of-date pages.
Where an entire directory of pages is removed the default action is to establish a server redirect for all pages within it, although there may be cases where page-level redirects are preferable.
Where there is a permanent redirect in place, such as
then a 301 redirect must be used, so that the redirect will be indexed by search engines.