Capitalisation should not be used unnecessarily or ungrammatically, except in the case of sub-brands eg. ‘Club World’ or approved phrases eg. Tier Points.
Headings and titles
These are sentence case ie. they begin with a capital letter and the following words are written in lowercase.
  • Online check-in
  • Latest news and promotions
  • Book a flight
When referring to a sub-brand eg. On Business, or an approved term such as Tier Points the style is:
  • Register with On Business
  • Your Tier Points
Exceptions will apply to text in languages such as German where the use of capital letters is intrinsic.
Short field help should be in lower case e.g. ‘what’s this’ ‘how do I find this’
Buttons use sentence case ie. Book a holiday
Bullet lists
When bullets are used to list items, then the following convention should be used.
Bullet heading: [with colon]
  • one [no caps, no full stop]
  • two
Where bullets are used simply to enhance and clarify the presentation of sentences, then standard grammatical forms should be followed.
  • This sentence is very clear and whole in itself.
  • Separate points are made so that they are clearly understood.