Never start a sentence with a numeral; write the number in words instead eg. Ninety nine miles from LA….


Write out numbers from one to ten and use numerals from 11 upwards in copy.


Page numbers and percentages should be numerical eg. Page 1-5 and 4.5%

Use the sign “%” instead of “per cent”, but write “percentage”, not “%age”.


For sets of numbers which go from one to 11 or above, use numerics rather than mixing words and numbers.


Usage of million and billion

  • Use “m” for million. But spell out billion, except in charts, where “bn” is permissible. Thus 8m, ¬£8m, 8 billion, DM8 billion.
  • 1 billion = a thousand million
  • 1 trillion = thousand billion (or a million million)
  • 1 quadrillion = thousand trillion.