Telephone numbers
All numbers on global pages should be internationalised eg. for UK numbers +44 (0) 20 8123 4567.
The exception is where countries have local freephone or other numbers which cannot be called internationally, or for which there is no reason to do so (1-800-AIRWAYS in the US).  In such cases, these can be presented alongside the internationalised numbers, making it clear that they are for use within that country only.
Local numbers
Numbers on pages intended solely for a local audience may be presented in local format.
Format for non-geographical UK phone numbers
0800 408 0 009
0844 493 0 767
0844 493 0 777
0844 493 0 787
Hyphenation and spacing should follow the protocol of the country of origin  i.e. in the US, hyphenation of all numbers (+1 (0) 973-731-2360) or in the UK, no hyphenation as shown above.