Global experience language

Last updated: 7th Dec 2016 by Lee Head

This site is work in progress


BAgel is the British Airways global experience language site. It contains information regarding our design and user experience standards, patterns and guidelines — which all future development should align with. Using these guidelines will ensure we create a consistent visual language which reflects our brand, lets our content take centre stage, and make the site simple and easy to use, on all devices.

The look and feel of our site is backed up by our design principles which are the foundation for all our work. Everything we do can be traced back to a guiding principle.

How to use these tools

UX/UI Designers

Use the guidelines and assets on this site to help you understand how to structure pages for to ensure consistency across designs, save time/money, and get ideas to market quicker.


Save time and development cycles by referring to the patterns and styles, to efficiently create web experiences that adhere to standards and meet accessibility commitments.

Until we move all development to meet our iVSG2 styles, we continue to support our existing, non-responsive styles and those that were created for the Selling Flow Development project.

More information on the different visual standards