There are a number of different visual standards in use on, each described below. iVSG2 is the latest set of standards to be used in all responsive developments.

Contact Lee Head for all design queries.

Designs are built according to our design principles. DigitalDesignPrinciples_v2_2

By law, all designs must meet the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) to the compliance level of AA. Contact Allan Dade for further help with accessibility.



interactive Visual Styles and Guidelines v2

These styles were created for responsive

The iVSG2 standards exist in a portal known as BAgel (British Airways global experience language), as the standards aim to cover all aspects of the customer experience.

BAgel site


Example iVSG2 pages:

Late deals

Boston guide



The aim of this project is to make our content more engaging and impactful. It is closely linked to our iVSG2 styles but allows for conceptual ideas to be tested. Successful elements of Pathfinder will be introduced into the core iVSG2 standards.

Example Pathfinder page:

New York bars



Selling Flow Development/interactive Visual Styles and Guidelines v1

The original styles created for the new responsive selling flow. Not to be used on other parts of the site.



Visual Styles and Guidelines (non responsive)

These styles cover non-responsive content.

VSG visual standards document (pdf)


mVSG & native app guidelines

mobile Visual Styles and Guidelines

These styles covered the separate mobile web site — now replaced with our responsive iVSG2 styles.

The existing BA app styles are also covered here, however these are soon to be replaced by the new  ‘dragons’ app.

mVSG & app visual standards document (pdf)



Future flight selling

Only the old FFS flight list page continues to live on Its design was never part of a site-wide design exercise and it is bespoke in its nature. Once SFD rolls out across all routes, FFS will cease to exist.