Personas are representations of British Airways customers and are used to help think through the customer experience.  They cover a wide range of people, and have been updated (June 2012) to include the Bronze Executive Club tier level.

Download a slideshow of 6 standard personas v3.4 (99KB, June 2012)

Scenario plan for customer testing

This Excel spreadsheet shows how to plan out scenarios for customer testing, showing which of the variables to tested are included in each scenario. Customer testing scenario plan (Excel, 20k)

Briefing an agency for customer testing

Customer testing must be properly planned, and an efficient and effective briefing for the people who will do the testing is important. The briefing should cover

  • the background to the project
  • testing objectives
  • sample screens
  • outline of test scenarios

This document is a good example of a powerpoint briefing. Agency briefing (Powerpoint, 1.6mb)