Last updated 6 Feb 2017

More country and language related standards


Core languages

All content on is translated into these languages, known as ‘core’ languages because they are the most important commercially.

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese (not Brazilian)
  • Russian
  • Chinese (simplified)
  • Japanese
  • Korean


Light languages

Only selected functional and information areas of the site are translated into these languages, therefore terming them ‘light’ languages:

  • Polish
  • Swedish

The existing content in these languages is:  Flight booking (not redemptions), MMB, emails and supporting content inc legal.


Where an application is translated, all error messages and important associated supporting information should also be translated.  Key legal text should also be translated, including:

  • General Conditions of Carriage
  • BA Conditions of Carriage
  • BA website user agreement
  • Privacy policy

Important notes

  • Navigation is always in the customer’s chosen language, regardless of the language of the content. Thus mixing of languages on the same page is permitted.
  • BA internal applications may be in English only.
  • Error messages will be in the same language as the application which generates them.
  • In addition, some countries may have local content in local non-core language as well as English.


Language glossaries

Any queries about the glossaries should be directed to Criostoir Moore or Evelyn Diener.

The language glossaries contain commonly used terms on, and they should be referred to when translating any content, to maintain consistency.

Any queries about the glossaries should be directed to Jean Rankmore or Evelyn Diener.


Core language glossaries


English – French:           Download the English-French glossary_Aug14

English – German:         Download the English-German glossary_Oct14

English – Italian:             Download the English-Italian glossary Aug14

English – Spanish:           Download English-Spanish glossary Sep14

English – Portuguese:     Download the English-Portuguese glossary Aug14

English – Russian:           Download the English-Russian glossary Jul14

English – Chinese:           Download the English-Chinese glossary Aug14

English – Japanese:        Download the English-Japanese glossary Dec11

English – Korean:             Download the English-Korean glossary Jul14


Light language glossaries


English – Polish:             Download the English-Polish glossary Aug14

English - Swedish:            Download the English-Swedish glossary Jul 14


Language selection and choice


Where relevant, there must be an obvious method by which customers can change their language choice. Information about how languages are used and work on must be easily available to customers.


When customers first choose their home country, language will be set to the appropriate core local language if applicable to that country (e.g. German in Germany). If more than one core language is relevant to the country (e.g. Switzerland), it will be a commercial decision which to apply.


The customer’s choice of language (i.e. the cookie) may only be changed by explicit action of the customer. Customer choice of country of residence and language must be independent after the initial selection on the global gateway page.


Customer choice of language on the site takes precedence over any stored preferences.


Navigation to content in a different language from the current page will not be flagged.


Content should be displayed in the customer’s preferred language whenever possible. If it is necessary to display a page that is not in the customer’s preferred language, this should not impact subsequent language display.